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FullCodePress - it's country vs country, it's for a great cause and it's about as much fun as you can have in 24 hours on the web! It's a competition where teams of web professionals compete to build a website for non-profits in 24 hrs.

FullCodePress 2011 will be held in Wellington, New Zealand on Friday 1 and Saturday 2 July. For the first time, there will be four teams competing — the CodeBlacks, the Codaroos, Team USA and Team UK.

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Moving FCP to 2012

19 May 2011 | admin | 7 Comments »

We have decided to move to FullCodePress to 2012. We’ve done this to give ourselves more time to raise the funds we need to put on a truly kickass event.

We’re awfully sorry if the prospect of no FCP this year, causes you sadness. Please know it was a tough decision but one we believe will make for a considerably better …


FullCodePress ‘11

14 April 2011 | admin | 1 Comment »


FullCodePress ‘11.

At the Town Hall, Wellington, New Zealand on Friday 1 and Saturday 2 July.


The FullCodePress 2010 websites

17 August 2010 | admin | 1 Comment »

It’s with delight that we can announce all of the FullCodePress 2010 websites are now happily ensconced in their proper places.


The one where we did FullCodePress

25 June 2010 | admin | 9 Comments »

Well, FullCodePress is over for another year. It was an exhausting, inspiring, anxious, exciting, sleep-deprived, talent-laden, fun-filled, sometimes-controversial, definitely entertaining 24+ hours.

While Australia won the trophy (well done Codaroos!), all the teams were bloody champions, as were the clients who were the recipients of three beautiful, fully functional sites. And the volunteers – indescribably awesome.

What was evident from the get-go, …


Lest ye be judged

21 June 2010 | admin | 72 Comments »

We know there’s a lot of interest in how the judging for FullCodePress was carried out. Philip Fierlinger, one of the judges, explained some of the process.

The experience of being a judge at FullCodePress has been a really wonderful and rare opportunity to observe how some of the best talents in the business practice their craft.

As judges, we had a …


Codaroos victorious but everyone a winner on the day

20 June 2010 | admin | 27 Comments »

And like that, more than 24 hours of grueling magic comes to an end. The Codaroos from Australia, after a moment of confusion about what being in the yellow corner meant, were awarded the FullCodePress 2010 trophy from SitePoint’s Sarah Taylor, as the overall winner.

Codaroos victorious

As well as handing out lifelong subscriptions …


Australia wins FullCodePress 2010

20 June 2010 | admin | 1 Comment »

The judges have just announced the winner – by unanimous decision – the Codaroos!