Finalists for the New Zealand team

4 July 2007 | admin | 0 Comments

After much deliberation, the New zealand selection panel have selected the following finalists for the NZ FullCodePress team from a number of impressive candidates (in no particular order)

Project management role:

  • Thomas Scovell
  • Amanda Wheeler
  • Haydn Thomsen

User experience advocate/IA role:

  • Zef Fugas
  • Nicolas Steenhout
  • Mike Osborne

Designer role:

  • Steve Dennis
  • Romain Perin
  • Rachel May

HTML/CSS coder role:

  • Darren Wood
  • Geoff Munn
  • Jeffrey Wegesin

With three close runners-up: Alison Green, John Lewis and Sjef van Gaalen.

Programmer role:

  • Mark Rickerby
  • Tom St George
  • Peter de Vocht

Writer role:

  • Peter Johnston
  • Courtney Johnston
  • Pip Fowler

A huge thank you to all the New Zealand selection panel judges!

Final positions will be announced this Friday 6 July. The following Friday 13 July, the sixth and final position – Captain’s choice – will be announced for both teams. So, if your name not mentioned above, you may yet be in with a grin!

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