Introducing the Australian FullCodePress team

12 July 2007 | admin | 0 Comments

Marla Mitelman – Project manager

Marla got interested in the Web approximately 10 years ago in her native London. When her boss of the time let her loose on the company web site it was an the start of an addiction that’s still going strong today!

With over 9 years commercial experience project managing and producing for the web, her addiction has now become her vocation. Clients and projects include; Microsoft, Optus, Commonwealth Bank, Channel [V] and Toyota.

Marla’s other addictions/interests include watching live music and really cheesy TV.

Ruth Ellison – User experience /IA

Ruth is an interaction designer living in Canberra. She has been working with the web for nine years, specialising in the user experience field since early 2003. She is very passionate about thinking and creating great user experiences for people, and is absolutely fascinated by how people interact with each other and with systems. Ruth is also very passionate about web standards and accessible design.

Ruth is currently the Design Manager at the Department of Immigration and Citizenship. When she’s not doing Information Architecture, user centred design and usability work, she can be found behind a camera, flickring, or singing in her mostly-acapella group ‘Raw Honey‘.

Sarah Peeke – Designer

Sarah Peeke first became interested in the web in 1999 when she published her creative writing at XERT – Inspirational Works.

Since 2002 Sarah has been self employed as a web designer and developer at XERT Communications, with a specialisation in the alternative health and holistic industries.

Sarah is a long-standing member of the Web Standards Group, and is experienced in web design, XHTML, CSS, PHP & MySQL. Her primary focus is on the design of usable, accessible, standards compliant websites.

Early in 2007 Sarah co-founded Geofeat International, a global undertaking to provide individuals with the opportunity to source products, share resources and participate in projects that are green, eco-friendly and organic. Sarah is responsible for the site’s design, development and ongoing maintenance.

David McDonald – HTML/CSS coder

Based in Melbourne, Australia, David is a freelance web consultant. He specialises in creating clean, usable websites using web standards.

David’s clients have included BHP Billiton, The Hiser Group, Melbourne IT, Sensis, Victoria Online, Eclipse Group, Vision Australia and many other businesses and design agencies.

When not working, David continues to tinker around on the web, amusing himself by playing with and reading about technology.

Rex Chung – Programmer

Rex Chung is a web entrepreneur with extensive experience in many aspects of web development. He built his first website in notepad and has since worked with a variety of projects from startups to large corporates. RoRCraft is the Internet consultancy firm he started last year focusing on Web2.0 application development for startups and small companies.

When he’s not coding on his macbook he enjoys exploring his artistic side with photography. You can usually find him at many industry events and conferences such as WSG and Rails Oceania.

Melissa Cater – Writer

For the past 10 years I have been a writer, manager, and designer of online content. I am really interested in making sure that content is accessible, usable and findable and have found my place working where web content, information architecture, design and technologies intersect.

I run my own small business in Melbourne and work with clients ranging from small to medium companies, not-for-profits and government departments. I try to come up with solutions that help them to reach their audiences in an effective, appropriate and sustainable manner. This involves being business analyst, information architect, content designer, writer and producer, tester, project manager and more.

When not sitting at a computer, I can be found making things at my sewing machine, wandering around a gallery or escaping the city to have an adventure with friends on two wheels or on foot.

Jeff Lowder – Captains Choice

Jeff kicked off his career in freelance web development 8 years ago. Since then he has worked on many exciting websites in a range of capacities, including front-end specialist, back-end developer and information architect. He is passionate about developing with web standards, and as an adjunct to this has also specialised in accessible web development and accessibility audits.

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