FullCodePress and accessibility

25 July 2007 | admin | 0 Comments

There have been a few comments recently about the lack of an accessibility expert position on the FullCodePress teams. Have we been ignoring accessibility?

The answer is no, we wanted to surprise the teams…

The FullCodePress judging panel will comprise of two assessibility judges. Gian Sampson-Wild will be accessing the sites with the other judges at the FullCodePress event and Derek Featherstone will be assessing the sites, live from Canada.

It gets more interesting…

Derek will be assessing the sites against Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0, and Gian will be assessing the sites against the recently produced Web Content Accessibility Guidelines – Samurai Errata. This means both teams will really have to be on their toes!

Stay tuned as we announce the full judging panel over the coming days.

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