Judge profile 1: Gian Sampson-Wild

25 July 2007 | admin | 0 Comments

Manager Usability and Accessibility Services, Monash University

Gian Sampson-Wild has worked in the accessibility industry since 1998 and consulted on the development of the first Level AAA accessible web site in Australia. She ran the accessibility consultancy PurpleTop from 2000 to 2005 and is currently the Manager of Usability and Accessibility Services at Monash University.

Amongst other sites, Gian has worked as the accessibility consultant for the Melbourne 2006 Commonwealth Games and was responsible for training Microsoft developers in accessibility. She also wrote the original and updated version of the Victorian eGovernment Resource Centre Web Accessibility Toolkit.

Gian was a Member of the W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines Working Group from May 2000 to August 2006 (with two notable absences). She remains actively involved in WCAG2, having recently served on the taskforce dedicated to addressing the cognitive disability formal objection raised by Lisa Seeman. With other members of the accessibility industry in Australia Gian also liaises with the Australian Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission on the status of WCAG2. Gian recently completed a peer review of the alternative accessibility guidelines, the WCAG Samurai Errata.

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