Watching the judges

19 August 2007 | admin | 0 Comments

Am sitting in with the judges right now. They’ve just spent 15mins with each of the organisations, talking with them about what they how, how the sites have matched their needs and how they found the process.

It’s been at times quite a moving process as we’ve heard how the websites are going to help. I think one of the wonderful things about the whole process has been how the interaction between clients and teams has opened eyes and increased understanding on both sides. In particular, seeing clients’ eyes light up as they’ve explained how the teams have told them about some of the possibilities the websites open up to them has been wonderful.

The judges are now all sitting at thier laptops, making notes as they work through each site. Each judge has three categories they’re looking at, plus everyone’s making comment on the site overall. The categories are:

  • Purpose
  • Visual design
  • Content
  • Development
  • User experience
  • Standards
  • Accessibility
  • Innovation
  • Functionality
  • Overall impression

Next up, the judges will be grilling each theam, and each team will be selling what they’ve done to the judges.


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