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25 June 2010 | admin | 9 Comments

Well, FullCodePress is over for another year. It was an exhausting, inspiring, anxious, exciting, sleep-deprived, talent-laden, fun-filled, sometimes-controversial, definitely entertaining 24+ hours.

While Australia won the trophy (well done Codaroos!), all the teams were bloody champions, as were the clients who were the recipients of three beautiful, fully functional sites. And the volunteers – indescribably awesome.

What was evident from the get-go, was that the teams and the volunteers really embodied the ethos of FullCodePress. They were 110% committed yet didn’t take it all too seriously; they were composed and calm, yet up for an action-packed, fun-orama!

The fact that this was meant to be a competition between the teams seemed insignificant. What each of these teams did was bigger than “who won”. If they were competing with anyone, I guess they were competing with themselves – to create something they were proud of; to work in unfamiliar surroundings in unnatural circumstances in a freaky-short timeframe; to not let tiredness get to them; to do something they as web professionals could be proud of. The important thing here was not who “came first”, but that they were giving their client a product that met their needs, and they were doing some awesome.

And by jove, they did it.

For those of us lucky enough to be at the venue throughout, we saw something that possibly wasn’t fully captured in the judges’ decision. While it was exciting to see how the sites were developing over time, and obviously the end results, it was just as exciting to pop into the rooms and see how teams of people, who, on the whole, had never worked together, were working together so naturally. This was true amongst the volunteers – Team Awesome – as well. There was true comradery. There was a strong sense of team spirit, and of mutual respect. Things didn’t need to be asked of people; they were just done, and done well.

It really was a beautiful, beautiful thing.

As well as the teams’ awe-inspiring performances and Voltron-esque* abilities, there were individuals who stood out for random acts of awesomeness. We’d like to publicly recognise them:

The he’s-so-cool-he-can-produce-ponies-out-of-thin-air award:
Keith Bolland
The famous Team USA pony

Most calm in the face of server adversity:
Shared between Sam Minnee and John Ford

Best find award:

Greg and Chris at wheresmyserver

Most likely to have his own talkshow:
Ludwig Wendzich

The made-the-most-effort-to-be-a-part-of-it award:
Team USA who each travelled around 30 hours to be a part of this competition, stayed for a couple of days and then flew another 30+ hours home. Now that is commitment, people.

The award for grammatical excellence:

Jo McLeod

The still-looking-hot-after-24-hours-straight award:
Shared equally by Liz Danzico, Amanda Dorrell , Matthew Buchanan and Adam Schilling

The most-promising-new-werewolf-player award:
Matthew Magain

Mr Photogenic award:
And that's all Russ has to say on the subject.

Most stylishly dressed award:

Jason Santa Maria
Jason Santa Maria, American Hero

Bjarni Wark’s style was also noted:
Bjarni, fresh from training

The award for most awesome volunteer is shared between

Mike Forbes, Ludwig Wendzich, Amanda Dorrell, Keith Bolland, Jo McLeod, Aleah Stantiall, Darren Wood, Dan Evans and James Everett.

Best cinematography:
Dan Evans

Best photography:

James Everett

Most amusing person award:
Darren Wood

NZ’s top baker award:
John Clegg.
John Clegg, bringer of Anzac biscuits (how appropriate!)

Arm-wrestling champion of the world award:
John Ford, with respect to Mike Harding and Bjarni Wark

Best dance moves:
Amanda Wood

Best display of team unity:
Team USA’s midnight parade
Team USA rocks the house

Best public displays of affection and support for a team:

Swiss Miss for this (which features a guest appearance by Webstock ‘10 superstar, Chris Shiflett!)

And the final award, the big kahuna, the man who should be president award goes to Mike Forbes. Where there is Mike, there is hope – and server stability.

Mike Forbes for President!

Some good people have written up their own accounts of the event:

Amanda Wood, Code Blacks Project Manager: FCP in review

Jason Santa Maria, Team USA Designer: FullCodePress 2010

Xero, FullCodePress sponsor: Aussies take the trophy

Liz Danzico, Team USA User Advocate: Behind FullCodePress

Dan Mall, Team USA Marker Upper: FullCodePress

Hadyn Green, Code Black wordsmith: The Geek Tri Nations

Matt Magain, FCP Sponsor: 99 Designs Champions Win Gold for Australia

Last word:

On behalf of the organisers we’d like to give huge and sincere thanks to everyone involved in this year’s FullCodePress.
Thank you teams USA, NZ and Australia. Thank you volunteers. It was a privilege to work with you.

Thank you to our sponsors. We could not have done it without you.
Thank you to everyone who supported the teams and followed along. You rule!

Thank you all. And see you here again next year!

*Voltron is a word describing a situation where two or more beings combine efforts to become mightier than a very very mighty thing.

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9 Responses

  1. Darren Wood says:

    Oh, hells yes! What an AWESOME event! Well done to everyone involved. I can’t wait for next year :)

  2. I concur!

    Great to hang out with all the volunteers and be introduced to the awesomeness that is Werewolf.

    Top marks everyone!

  3. Thanks so much—I had an awesome, awesome time! It was an honour and a privilege to be a part of. So much so, I’d love to come back and help out next year.

    Well done to everyone involved.


  4. Wendy White says:

    This is exactly how I felt about the competition last year. Thank you for this fantastic write-up!

  5. Thanks so much for all the good times and hard work. I had so much fun participating and just getting to meet everyone involved! You guys put on an incredible show.

  6. What a fantastic event! A huge thank you to all involved – Mike, Russ, Tash, the volunteers and sponsors. I had a blast in Wellington and were inspired by the talented and engaged NZ web community.

  7. Jack Eisenberg says:

    I looked at all the sites, and they are truly amazing for a single day’s work. I was surprised, though, to see a glaring fault on the winning website (see the About Us page – just above the heading “Our Management Board”).

    All in all, great work!

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