The FullCodePress 2010 websites

17 August 2010 | admin | 1 Comments

It’s with delight that we can announce all of the FullCodePress 2010 websites are now happily ensconced in their proper places.

The Codaroos – FCP 2010 winners

Hearing Dogs is the website built by the Codaroos for the Lions Hearing Dogs project.

Team USA

Victoria House was built for the Timaru Mental Health Support Trust by Team USA.

The Code Blacks

Te Hua Rangatahi was built by the Code Blacks for the Te Hua Rangatahi Trust.

Looking at the sites again, some two months on from the competition, we’re amazed all over again at what each team accomplished. They should all be very proud of themselves.

And stay tuned for upcoming FullCodePress information!

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  1. Lucy Kleid says:

    I not often comment but I figured I had to do it now after visiting your site so frequently. We visitors have to show appreciation! Continue the good work!