Moving FCP to 2012

19 May 2011 | admin | 7 Comments

We have decided to move to FullCodePress to 2012. We’ve done this to give ourselves more time to raise the funds we need to put on a truly kickass event.

We’re awfully sorry if the prospect of no FCP this year, causes you sadness. Please know it was a tough decision but one we believe will make for a considerably better event next year. And by jove, with the star studded line up we’ve got participating, it will be a real humdinger!

We’ll be unveiling our big plans for FullCodePress 2012 later in the year, so keep an ear out.

Thanks for supporting FCP.

7 Responses

  1. Amanda Wood says:

    Hey guys – I _am_ really sad to hear about this because FCP was one of the best things I’ve participated in and my team ruled/rules! I think it’s a good call though and we’ll be super excited to hear about how it’s going to become bigger and better. Much love!

  2. Joanna says:

    I am also sad to hear this, because I love helping out at FCP, but I know that delaying it will only make it six thousand times more awesome, so I suppose I will just need to wait. And perhaps go into training for extra time so I can hang the full 24 hours next year!

  3. Peti says:

    I just happened to mention fcp to someone today, and wondered if it was on this year – anything on the horizon guys? :)

  4. Jakir Hossain says:

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  7. This is sad guys. Looks like you had a really good thing going!