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Midway with the Codaroos

20 June 2010 | admin | No Comments »

Interview with Kylie Liggins re: Codaroos at Half-time!


Midway with the Code Blacks

20 June 2010 | admin | 1 Comment »

Midway with Amanda Wood. Things might not be going so well!


Mid-way with Team U-S-A

19 June 2010 | admin | 5 Comments »

Interview with Team USA’s Jennifer Bove about their progress.


Interviews with the project managers

14 October 2007 | admin | 1 Comment »

FullCodePress judge, and technical editor at SitePoint, Matt Magain interviewed Marla Mitelman and Thomas Scovell, projects managers for Team Australia and the CodeBlacks respectively. Here is what they said.